Polish ICT Cluster


Investments in the Human Capital

  • Free or co-financed trainings for the Cluster companies’ employees
  • Obtaining highly qualified employees and interns
  • Participation in Career Expos on preferential terms
  • Influence on the creation of new study programmes – the graduates meeting the needs of employers
  • Alterations made to the technical subject curricula in schools
  • Internship programme for academic staff members in companies,
  • Women in IT
  • Training Fair
  • Let stick together – Good practices in ICT

Innovativeness and Development

  • Participation in EU-financed projects – international syndicates, even a few million euro worth budgets
  • Cooperation of the Cluster companies with universities and research institutes
  • Meetings with respected specialists in the industry
  • Access to specialized documentations and analyses
  • Actual influence on the directions of development of the industry and the adopted policy of the regional development


  • Networking meetings – the establishment of cooperation and new contracts
  • Purchase of products and services on preferential terms (e.g GSM offer for the cluster companies)
  • Enquiry for quotation for the cluster companies
  • Access to rooms and infrastructure – free or on preferential terms
  • Support for the development of new enterprises – the Cluster Incubator in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park


  • Organization of meetings and conferences presenting the offer and opportunities of the Cluster Members on the market
  • Organization of international conferences (CENTRAMO project)
  • Intracluster meetings
  • Promotion of the activities of the Cluster entities
  • Organizational support and the promotion of the meetings and trainings organized by UK
  • Economic missions
  • Participation the companies in foreign expos
  • Promotion of the Cluster entities and the industry in EU – owing to the participation in the international cooperation programmes


  • Brand image benefits
  • Boosting brand awareness
  • Building the position of the market expert
  • Identification of the brand with the concept of Interizon ICT Cluster
  • Building the brand image supporting the concept of sharing and enhancing knowledge
  • Associating the brand as the one developing in accordance with the latest business trends
  • Increasing the share of values such as modernity, innovativeness, competence and prestige in the company brand
  • Possibility of handing over materials and advertising gadgets to keep up the brand awareness
  • Promotion of the brand by the way of Interizon ICT Cluster promotion and during organized events (including the international ones)
  • Reaching new clients, contractors and the possibility to establish cooperation
  • Acquiring new business contacts
  • Contact with a large group of the industry experts
  • Presentation of the potential of the company, services and products to a wide (international) audience
  • Possibility to perform a product/service market evaluation in a specified target group
  • Opportunity for a company to present itself as solid entity, a good employer and an interesting business partner
  • Possibility of actual influence on the shaping of new employees, access to interesting trainings for employees at preferential prices

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