Polish ICT Cluster


Interizon Cluster Coordinator

The function of Interizon Cluster Coordinator is performed by INTERIZON Foundation, which in collaboration with the Gdańsk University of Technology as the Administrator implements tasks related to the ongoing administration of Interizon Cluster.

The objectives of INTERIZON Foundation include activities for:

  • building a knowledge-based society and innovation, via facilitating the access to new knowledge and stimulating innovation, in particular by promoting a partnership environment of INTERIZON Cluster as an attractive environment for cooperation and innovative ICT technology centre,
  • building and developing a cooperation network of entrepreneurs and other entities with business-related institutions, educational institutions and public administration entities, including ensuring the functioning of organizational and financial structures for INTERIZON Cluster
  • stimulating the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovative activities, also in research environment, and especially as part of INTERIZON Cluster,
  • mapping the needs and searching for convenient forms of joint undertakings aimed at obtaining benefits for the Cluster Members (the synergy effect), as well as building or supporting the cooperation between them with the use of the support from the local government and business-related institutions, as well as the management and coordination of works within the framework of these undertakings, including the participation in the projects providing co-financing from the EU sources;
  • implementation of the actions supporting the activity of particular Members and the potential of the Cluster, especially by:
    the promotion of the Cluster and the cooperation of its Members in the country and abroad,
    the organization of the seminars, conferences, workshops, field missions, pilot and promotional activities, as well as activities stimulating foreign cooperation of the Members;
  • undertaking and developing cooperation with other Clusters and their members, especially as part of projects financed by foreign sources (the development of the internationalization of the Cluster);
  • undertaking activities the purpose of which is to support the export of the Cluster Members as well as joint purchases and sales offers of products and services;
    the implementation of undertakings determined by the Cluster Management Unit’s and the Member Assembly’s resolution, especially covered by the long-term Operational Plan (if such will be passed),
  • initiating, developing and supporting the cooperation of the Cluster Members, especially within the framework of Action Groups;
  • developing proposals for the Cluster Operational Plan, as well as updating the Cluster Strategy.

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