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Working Groups

Working Groups (or task forces) are teams operating as part of the Cluster, established for the implementation of a particular task. Working Groups of Interizon Cluster are established and dismissed by way of the Cluster Management Unit’s resolution, which determines the personnel, tasks for which the Group is established and the objective completion date. Working Groups are subordinate to individual Sections of the Cluster Management Unit. The members of the Working Group are chosen among representatives of the Cluster Members. In specific cases they can also be persons representing other entities. Every Cluster Member can participate in the Working Group works, including e.g. Groups’ meetings organized periodically.

Currently, the following Action Groups operate as part of the Cluster:

INTERIZON Foundation – about the foundation

Under the trilateral agreement concluded on 1 July, 2013, the function of Interizon Cluster Coordinator is performed by INTERIZON Foundation, which in collaboration with the Gdańsk University of Technology as the Administrator implements tasks related to the ongoing administration of Interizon Cluster.

INTERIZON Foundation was established on 25 January, 2013, for the purpose of the initiation and coordination of activities for the cooperation development within the Cluster.

The objectives of INTERIZON Foundation include activities for:

  • building a knowledge-based society and innovation, via facilitating the access to new knowledge and stimulating innovation, in particular by promoting a partnership environment of INTERIZON Cluster as an attractive environment for cooperation and innovative ICT technology centre,
  • building and developing a cooperation network of entrepreneurs and other entities with business-related institutions, educational institutions and public administration entities, including ensuring the functioning of organizational and financial structures for INTERIZON Cluster
  • stimulating the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovative activities, also in research environment, and especially as part of INTERIZON Cluster,
  • mapping the needs and searching for convenient forms of joint undertakings aimed at obtaining benefits for the Cluster Members (the synergy effect), as well as building or supporting the cooperation between them with the use of the support from the local government and business-related institutions, as well as the management and coordination of works within the framework of these undertakings, including the participation in the projects providing co-financing from the EU sources;
  • implementation of the actions supporting the activity of particular Members and the potential of the Cluster, especially by:
    the promotion of the Cluster and the cooperation of its Members in the country and abroad,
    the organization of the seminars, conferences, workshops, field missions, pilot and promotional activities, as well as activities stimulating foreign cooperation of the Members;
  • undertaking and developing cooperation with other Clusters and their members, especially as part of projects financed by foreign sources (the development of the internationalization of the Cluster);
  • undertaking activities the purpose of which is to support the export of the Cluster Members as well as joint purchases and sales offers of products and services;
    the implementation of undertakings determined by the Cluster Management Unit’s and the Member Assembly’s resolution, especially covered by the long-term Operational Plan (if such will be passed),
  • initiating, developing and supporting the cooperation of the Cluster Members, especially within the framework of Action Groups;
  • developing proposals for the Cluster Operational Plan, as well as updating the Cluster Strategy.

INTERIZON Foundation is governed by a 3-person Management Board composed of:

Przemysław Szleter

Przemysław Szleter

President of the Management Board

The founder and President of the Management Board BS Sp. z o.o. A graduate of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics at the Gdańsk University of Technology. He acquired his knowledge on management also by way of supplementary studies at the Faculty of Management and Economics at the Gdańsk University of Technology. He is a certified Project Manager, IPMA Level D. In 2009 he set up BetterSolutions company (later transformed to BS Sp. z o.o.); initially he combined the work in the company with the position of a coordinator of the team of analysts at Acxiom Polska Sp. z o.o. He possesses work experience in the development and implementation of dedicated IT systems; he participated in more than ten implementations of original IT systems acting as an analyst and the manager of the project. He is involved in Polish start-up projects as the originator and advisor. In the BS Sp z o.o. company he is responsible for the acquisition of key clients, development strategy and company finances. Since 2011 he has also been a Member and the Secretary of Interizon Management Unit -the Pomeranian Region ICT Cluster. In the Cluster he is in charge of the Cooperation section.

Marcin Kowalik

Marcin Kowalik

Member of the Management Board

Serial entrepreneur, investor, team leader, husband, father. He began his adventure with entrepreneurship in the structures of Academic entrepreneurship incubators as the Regional Director, where he was responsible for creating organizational structures. At the same time he gained audit experience as an expert of State Accreditation Commission. In 2007-2009 Marcin cocreated and supervised TA Group – the provider of innovative IT solutions. Since the beginning of his career, he has been involved in the creating and developing of innovative entrepreneurship among young people. In 2009-2011 he was involved in the development of RoboNET Group as the Vicepresident of the Management Board and was in charge of the sales and finances of the company. At the same time he was also a Member of the Management Unit at Fabryka Talentów Foundation being responsible for project management co-financed by EU structural funds. Since April 2009, he has been one of the main shareholders and the Director in Gemstone Partners, an investment platform specializing in the building of the value of MSP sector companies. A year earlier he became a co-founder of Black Pearls, a company which provides support in terms of the development and implementation of innovations in enterprises and stimulates knowledge transfer from the science sector to business. Marcin graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Łazarski Univesity in Warsaw and completed postdiploma studies at the University of Gdańsk – Controlling in Enterprise Management. He also studied at the University of Applied Computer Sciences and Management under the auspices of IBS PAN in Warsaw. Currently he is a PhD student at the Faculty of Management of the University of Gdańsk.

Tomasz Woźniak

Tomasz Woźniak

Member of the Management Board

An author of numerous successful Internet undertakings. The creator of the mp3.pl website, which achieved great success in merely two years since the foundation (1996). Since 1999, after the website had been taken over by Wirtualna Polska, he worked in the WP.pl editorial office. Since 2004 he held the position of the Portal Programming Director. He was responsible for programming strategy, the creation and implementation of new products as well as media and content alliance with external partners, among others. A graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdańsk. Currently a PhD student in Virtual Economies.
The Educational Improvement Centre Foundation was established in March 2011 by Interizon – Pomeranian Region ICT Cluster in order to implement its second strategic objective: “Ensuring the accessibility of qualified human resources”. The foundation addresses its activities to four strategic groups, i.e. pupils, students, potential employees the ICT industry and ICT company employees.

The Educational Improvement Centre Foundation

The Educational Improvement Centre Foundation was established in March 2011 by Interizon – Pomeranian Region ICT Cluster in order to implement its second strategic objective: “Ensuring the accessibility of qualified human resources”. The foundation addresses its activities to four strategic groups, i.e. pupils, students, potential employees the ICT industry and ICT company employees.

Up to now we have managed to:

  • create an educational portal of the Foundation: www.ecd.eduportal.pl
  • make a free e-learning training “MS Excel 2010 Basics” available for the Cluster members
  • acquire the partnership with the Polish Chamber of Commerce for the sake of the execution of the projects: “ICT EduTech the Growth of Technological Potential of the Pomeranian Region ICT Cluster Companies” 1st and 2nd edition within the framework of Action 8.1.1. of the Human Capital Operational Programme
  • commence the works on the preparation of Tester Oprogramowania (Software Tester), a new direction of teaching
  • make the cheapest and qualitatively the best trainings available for the Cluster members – “Jarmark Szkoleń” (“Training Fair”) (group buying of trainings)
  • develop the concept of Praktyki i Staże (Practices and Internships) portal
  • establish cooperation with Polish Chamber of Commerce, Municipal Office of Gdańsk, Information Society Development Foundation, the Gdańsk University of Technology, WSB Schools of Banking in Gdańsk.

We are also planning to:

  • create a programme encouraging students to choose the path of education and career in the ICT industry
  • create the guidelines of the changes and extension to the ICT-related university curricula
    in collaboration with companies
  • incorporate additional areas of skills to university curricula – technological skills and soft skills, among others
  • create programmes to allow students gain work experience – internships, student practice
  • analyse the training needs of companies and the sought-after qualifications in job candidates
  • establish cooperation with prestigious educational institutions and certification authorities
  • develop and promote the implementation of best practices in terms of acquiring and
    maintaining the best employees in technological and business-related areas.

ICT Cluster Incubator in Gdańsk Science and Technology Park

  • Interizon Incubator of the Pomeranian Region ICT Cluster in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park, called hereinafter ICT Cluster Incubator in GSTP was established in 2011 as a result of the cooperation of the representatives of the Gdańsk Park with the Cluster, the purpose of which was to create the best conditions possible for the development of new enterprises in the ICT industry in Pomerania.
  • The offer is addressed exclusively to innovative companies being the Members of Interizon – the Pomeranian Region ICT Cluster following the submission of required documents in accordance with the regulations (The Pomeranian Region ICT Cluster Incubator in GSTP Regulations).
Up to now, the following companies have used the opportunity to occupy office premises in the Cluster Incubator in GSTP:

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