Polish ICT Cluster


Organization and structure of the Cluster

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nterizon functions as a partnership – mutual rights and responsibilities are regulated by the “Partnership Agreement within the Framework of the Pomeranian Region ICT Cluster” concluded in Gdańsk on 29 October, 2009. The adapted solution allowed for retaining a large level of flexibility, and an open and transparent formula of the ICT cluster organization facilitates integration and undertaking additional activities in particular areas of interest of the cluster members. The Cluster is open – new entities sign the so-called accession act, on the basis of which, following Cluster Management Unit’s acceptance, they become a Cluster Member.


he Cluster, as a joint venture, is governed by the Member Assembly which comprises of representatives of the cluster members. The Assembly approves directions of development, programmes and operational strategy of the cluster, as well as makes decisions in the crucial matters concerning the cluster.

The works of the Cluster are controlled by the Cluster Management Unit consisting of the persons chosen by the Member Assembly. The Cluster Management Unit is a decision-making and controlling body in the strategic dimension, regarding projects related to the functioning of the Cluster as a whole. The Management Unit’s tasks include determining strategic directions of the activities of the Cluster, supervision over implementation of the tasks included in the strategy, issuing opinions on projects for the compliance with the cluster strategy, admitting new members and establishing Action Groups involved in the implementation of activities in the areas of particular interest, among others.

Considering a high level of complexity of the anticipated development, the cluster members have decided to establish the Cluster Administrator being in possession of not only competences, but also neutrality necessary for efficient organization of the activities in the initiative. The role of the Administrator has been taken by the Gdańsk University of Technology / Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics.

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