Polish ICT Cluster

The Origin

The initiation of activities for formal establishment of the Cluster took place between the years 2008-2009 and is associated with the introduction of “Regional Support Programme for Clusters in the Pomeranian Province for the years 2009-2015”. Stemming from the implementation of the Programme, the competition for Key Clusters stimulated the ICT industry and accelerated the formal establishment of the Cluster.

In 2009, a strategy for the Pomeranian Region ICT Cluster was developed and formal partnership constituting the Cluster was established as a result of the execution of “The Building of Partnership and the Development of Strategy for the ICT/ETI Cluster” (Action 1.5.2. of the Regional Operational Programme for the Pomeranian Province for the years 2007-2013) by the Gdańsk University of Technology, a project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. The works on the execution of the project were coordinated by CD WiComm, and the essential equity contribution (circa PLN 40,000) was delivered by the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics at the Gdańsk University of Technology.

Despite being a grassroot initiative, one of the key activities was advisory support provided by Marita Koszarek and Kristofer Erlandsson, international cluster experts. Owing to intensive collaboration with the experts and the determination of entities interested in the participation in the cluster initiative, on 3 December, 2009, the Pomeranian ICT Cluster was awarded a title of the Pomeranian Province Key Cluster and received the highest notes from the international body of experts which assessed clusters taking part in the competition organized by the Province Government.

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